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December Gardening Tips

from the Experts at Wilsonville Garden Center


  • Plant spring-flowering bulbs, but don't delay.  Force paperwhites for blooms in winter.  They will bloom in 5-7 weeks.  Plant amaryllis bulbs now.  Most will bloom in 6-8 weeks although some will take up to 3 months.  Put plants in bright, indirect light and water regularly.
  • Protect poinsettias from cold, place in sunlight, don't let the leaves touch cold windows, fertilize to maintain leaf color, and let dry out slightly between waterings.
  •  Use dormant sprays of copper fungicide for disease control and oil for insect control on fruit trees and roses.
  • Make sure that plants that are protected from the rain receive water regularly during the winter.
  • If the lawn is frozen, stay off it.
  • Rake and destroy leaves falling from diseased plants such as roses, apples, or dogwoods.  Foliage from annuals and perennials that were diseased should be thrown out and not put in the compost pile.
  • Prepare for freezing weather by draining and storing hoses.  Drain in-ground sprinkler systems and insulate valve mechanisms.
  • Tie limbs of upright evergreens to prevent breakage by snow or ice.
  • ​Turn your compost pile.
  • House plants generally need less water and fertilizer in winter.  Check soil moisture level before watering.